From Basel to Tokyo
From Tokyo to Basel

JAGDA International Student Poster Award 2019
with Refael Blatt

The poster series "From Basel to Tokyo - From Tokyo to Basel" is a simple yet multifaceted series that shows the connections and similarities between Switzerland and Japan. The technical precision, the clear grids strive to assist both cultures to better understand each other and to communicate across borders and distances, especially by indicating the culture╩╝s horizontal and vertical reading direction (present visually and perceptionally in each of the issues) If you want to travel from Basel to Tokyo, you have to "go halfway around the world". The idea of travelling to the other side of the globe has also been adopted in the poster series in terms of design and concept. Each poster can be rotated 180┬░ and viewed in this way. Above becomes below, below becomes above. Both countries see each other from the same perspective and are of equal value. As both countries share the same colours, design ideologies and straight forward functional thinking, this poster series embodies not only the similarity, but also the relationship we share with each other.

B1 (728 x 1030 mm)

Silkscreen printing on red paper, opaque silver-white